The alley 小巷
2016-05-23 19:11:40   來源:英語作文    雙擊單詞自動翻譯

我喜歡去看不同的地方,雖然我住的城市大,但是我總是可以找到新的小地方,這能一直帶給我驚喜。小巷是我最渴望閑逛的地方。在那里,我可以找到很多有趣的東西,例如不同風格的衣服 ,我從來沒有見過的玩物。

I like to go to see many different places, though the city I live in is big, I always can find the new small places, which surprises me all the time. The alley is the place I desire to hang around most. There, I can find many funny things, such as the clothes with different styles, the playthings that I have never seen before. Every time I go to the alley, I will be very excited for the things that are waiting for me to discover. Once I found special a stone that looked like a dinasour, I was attracted by it and bought it home. Now I have many collections in my bedroom.
我喜歡去看不同的地方,雖然我住的城市大,但是我總是可以找到新的小地方,這能一直帶給我驚喜。小巷是我最渴望閑逛的地方。在那里,我可以找到很多有趣的東西,例如不同風格的衣服 ,我從來沒有見過的玩物。每次我去小巷里,我都會非常興奮,因為那里有東西等著我去發現。曾經我發現特殊的石頭,看起來像一個恐龍,我被它吸引了,買回家。現在我的臥室里有許多收集品。



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